Osila Tracker

An App by Bjarne Kniebel

About Osila Tracker


my name is Bjarne Kniebel, I am 18 years old and come from Germany.

This is the website for the app "Osila Tracker", which is the first real project I've done.

I startet the first version of the app on 20th August 2015, when I was 14 years old. But since I had just too little experience it did not came out as expected. About more than two years later on 4th October 2017 I revived the project. I have redone the whole UserInterface, added some additional features and made it more intuitively...

Now after nearly another year the product is ready to be published. Since I still go to school, I only had a few houres after school to work on this project. To work on the app I went to RapidRabbit, who not just let me work there, but also teached me in iOS-App-Developement. A special thank goes to David, who made this all possible and Stephan, who stood by my side all the time, advised me and even helped off the job.

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At the first view of the app you have everything you need! The units can be changed in the settings of the app.

You can observe:

  • your current speed in the lower middle
  • the average speed at the lower left
  • the distance since start at the lower right

How to use:

  • open app and if not done yet, enable gps-access
  • click the circle on the right
  • now the app is recording
  • to pause the session click the same button
  • if you are done, click “STOP”
  • you can scroll the map if you want
  • return by pressing the navigation button
  • to make the map rotate press the button again
  • for more details swipe the lower part up


When you have swiped up, this view will appear.

The details given in there are:

  • the highspeed of the session
  • the current altitude
  • the min. and max. altitude
  • the date of the start of the session
  • the time you started the session
  • if you are done the time you ended a session
  • the duration of the session (without pauses)

At the very bottom is a button “Saved Tours” which will lead you to a view where you can review your saved sessions.


When you have clicked “STOP” you will be sent to this view.

Here you can have a look about the route of your session and all the already mentioned information.

At the bottom you have a collection of icons and values.

Each icon represents an attribute and gives the value for the session. You can scroll through all of them.

At the top you can give the tour a name (choose wisely, you can not change it afterwards).

When you gave the session a name you can click the right button with the tick. But if you want to abort and delete the session click the left button with the cross.


In case you want to review a tour, swipe up and click “Saved Tours”, then select a tour and you will land here.

At the top is a map that shows the path and beneath are three views which you can scroll through.

The first one shows the main information such as:

  • highspeed
  • average speed
  • distance
  • duration
  • a graph that shows your speed while recording

The second view shows:

  • min. and max. altitude
  • start- and endtime
  • a graph that shows your altitude while recording

And the last view shows:

  • the weather (of the endpoint)
  • the temperature (of the endpoint)